Remembering the Beers of 2009

Extra Special Bitter, commonly known as ESB, represents the best of English bitters. Despite the name they are not very bitter, although tradition records them as more bitter than standard pale ales. This Bonfire Bitter pays tribute to Best Bitters with malts giving a bronze hue and a sweet biscuit aroma. Fermented with Thames Valley yeast, this beer remains true to style while minimizing the fruitiness, buttery slickness, and esters common in some bitters.

Brewed over an open fire on November 5, 2009, this beer contains Muntons Extra Light Malt Extract, Munton & Fison Crystal Malt, and Briess Victory Malt, and Phoenix hops for bittering and Kent Goldings hops for finishing.  With an original specific gravity of 1.05  and a specific gravity of 1.01 at bottling on November 21, 2009, this beer contains 5.5% alcohol by volume.

In the tradition of a fine English Bitter, this beer is best served between 50° and 55°.

Capture the spirit beating of the California Gold Rush with this hearty lager reminiscent of the California Steam beers of the 19th century.

Unlike traditional lager, California Lager is an unrefrigerated lager beer, as has been brewed on the West Coast for over 100 years.  Yeast flavors mix with the hearty malt and hop flavors to give this California Lager a robust, almost ale-like character.

Brewed on August 22, 2009, this beer was crafted with 7 lbs. of blended malt extract, Northern Brewer and other hop. Measured with an original specific gravity of 1.07, this beer contains 6.3% alcohol by volume.  At bottling on September 5, 2000, this beer measured a specific gravity of 1.02.

To best experience this beer in the tradition of California Lager, this beer should be served at or near room temperature.  For a less traditional experience, lower temperatures of 40° to 50° may be acceptable.

Strong and spicy golden ale, made with authentic Belgian Candy Sugar, balanced with Czech and Slovenian hops and fermented with a Belgian Yeast.  It’s like a perfect evening in Brussels.

Brewed on June 20, 2009, this beer contains Munton’s® Light Malt Extract, pale grain malt, Northern Brewer and Styrian Goldings hops for bittering and Czech Saaz hops for finishing.  With an original specific gravity of 1.09, this beer measured a specific gravity of 1.02 at bottling on June 27, 2009.  A very potent brew, this beer contains 9.1% alcohol by volume.

To experience the true flavor of Belgium, this beer is best served between 40° and 50° with a slice of orange.

IPA is short for India Pale Ale.  IPAs were first brewed in England during the 18th century with light or “pale” malt, hence the name pale ale.  This style of beer was very popular with English soldiers serving in India.  Thus the name IPA is derived from the transport of these highly hopped pale ales to India. 

This new American classic serves it up big time with a massive floral aroma and malt flavor.

Brewed April 6, 2009, this beer was enhanced with Centennial, Willamette, Amarillo, and Cascade hops for a total of 7 ounces of hops.  An original specific gravity of 1.09 fermented to a specific gravity of 1.02 yielding 9.24% alcohol content by volume when bottled on April 20, 2009.

This beer is best served between 50° and 55° to best experience the aroma of the hops. 

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